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Rental Equipment


We have a variety of equipment rentals available.

Aerators, Sod cutters, Tillers, Tampers, and log splitters.

Call or come see us for availability and pricing.



We have several sized tillers available. From walk behind 18" to Stihl motor attachments and everything in between.

No matter how big your garden is, we have a tiller to get it done right for any planting season

Wood Splitter

Turn that daunting wood pile into perfect fireplace or firepit wood in no time with our towable wood splitter.


Gas powered so it can be used in those out of the way areas.

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Core Aerator

Help keep your lawn in top shape with plug aeration. We carry both an 18" and 27" aerator to ensure even the largest areas go by in a breeze.


Don't forget to get a load of compost to back fill the holes with amazing and active compost top dressing!



Turn that fencing job into a breeze with this 2 person auger. Portable, easy to use, and reliable.


Whether its 50' or 500 posts, this auger will make the job easier than ever.

8" and 12" bits available.


Equipment                                1/2 Day Rate                        Daily Rate

27" Aerator                                 75.00                                       115.00

12" Sod Cutter                           70.00                                       100.00

18" Sod Cutter                           95.00                                       140.00

Front Tiller 2.5 HP                     45.00                                       65.00

Rear Tiller 9 HP                         80.00                                      115.00

Log Splitter                                N/A                                         135.00

Thatcher, Gas                             65.00                                      100.00

Bed Redefine                             70.00                                      100.00

Auger, 2 Man                              65.00                                       100.00

Trencher, 13" Earth Saw            150.00                                     150.00

Tamper, Plate                             55.00                                       85.00

Lawn Roller                                20.00                                       45.00


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