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Our desire is to provide the best materials we can to all of our clients. 


We carry plants that are best for our coastal environment, this helps ensure the plants thrive and love their new home.

          For specific varieties, size, flower and exposure; please come see us!

Abelia (Multiple Varities)
Anise, Florida Sunshine
Arborvitae, Green Giant
Azalea (Multiple Varities)
Beauty Berry
Blackberry, Baby Cakes
Blackberry, Von
Blueberry, Climax
Blueberry, Premier
Boxwood, Winter Gem
Boxwood, Wintergreen
Butterfly Bush (Multiple Varities)
Camellia (Multiple Varities)
Canna Lillies
Carolina Sweetshrub
Cherry, Kwanzan
Cherry, Yoshino
Chokeberry, Canada Red
Clethera, Ruby Spice
Clethera, Sixteen Candles
Crape Myrtle (Multiple Varities)
Cypress, Gold Mop
Delaware Valley White
Distylium (Multiple Varities)
Dogwood, Arctic Fire
Drift Roses (Multiple Colors)

Elm, Bosque
Gardenia (Multiple Varities)
Grass, (Multiple Varities)
Holly (Multiple Varities)
Hosta, Minute Man
Hosta, Patriot
Hydrangea (Multiple Varities)
Indian Hawthorne
Japanese Maple, Bloodgood
Japanese Maple, Coral Bark
Jasmine, Confederate
Juniper, Blue
Ligustrum, Recurve
Ligustrum, Sunshine
Liriope, Super Blue
Liriope, Varigated
Loropetallum (Multiple Varities)
Magnolia, Little Gem
Maple, Autumn Blaze
Maple, October Glory
Miscanthus, Gracillimus
Miscanthus, Little Kitten

Nandia, Blush Pink
Nandia, Gulf Stream
Nandia, Lemon Lime
Oak, Swamp White
Oleander, White
Panicum, Shenandoah
Pennisetum (Multiple Varities)
Pittosporum (Multiple Varities)
Plum (Flowering), Thundercloud
Razzberry, Razzberry Shortcake
Redbud (Multiple Varities)
River Birch
Roses (Multiple Varities)
Sabal Minor
Sabal Palm
Tea Olive
Vitex, Shoal Creek
Wax Myrtle
Weeping Willow
Yaupon Holly, Dwarf
Yaupon Holly, Upright
Yaupon Holly, Weeping
Yucca, Color Guard
Zekova, Green Vase

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